Gay European Men

Europe is said to be the birthplace of the bikini. In fact, it was an inspired French engineer who developed the bikini that we recognize now, and the bikini bottoms that millions of men enjoy wearing on our sunny beaches today. Bikini bottoms look just as good on men as they do on women, as there’s just as much coverage as a Speedo at the front but a much freer back to let the sun reach your ass.

I’ve always found it strange that more men don’t embrace the bikini bottom in the U.S. It’s such a wonderful creation, both for the way that it looks and as an item to wear while sunbathing. These days it’s just as important for men to have a good tan as it is for women and having sleeve tan lines or shorts lines that finish half way up your thighs has always looked silly. The great thing about the men’s bikini bottom is that it covers enough of a guy to keep their dignity, while still exposing part of the ass to the sun to catch the rays. From an aesthetic standpoint, I’ve always believed that a man’s body should be admired rather than hidden away, but swimwear for men is usually baggy and unflattering.

That, of course, leads us neatly into an explanation of my hobby and my passion. I run a magazine dedicated to alternative swimwear for men. If men want to branch out from the confines of board shorts and Speedos, they should be able to find alternative swimwear without being labeled as unusual or exhibitionist.

For the latest issue of my magazine, I’ve flown to Europe to experience the culture of the birthplace of the bikini and to meet gay European men who are eager to wear alternative swimwear. I decided to take a range of my favorite swimwear from my own country for them to try on, to see if they thought that our creations matched up to their own. After much deliberation, I chose the Koala Swim range of micro swimwear, simply because they have the most unique and creative range of designs that I’ve ever seen.

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Although your sexual preferences make no difference to whether you do or don’t like minimalist and exotic swimwear, I thought that I would take even the most risqué of the Koala Swim items along with me in case the gay European men I met were interested in trying them. You can find almost anything in Koala Swim’s online store, from exciting and unique designs such as the Work that Cock Bikini which cover all the basics you would need for public beaches without covering up any extra inches of bare skin, to the Diablo Insane, which almost has no fabric to it at all and displays your cock instead of hiding it.

When I arrived in Europe and set off to meet the gay European men, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t make any assumptions about them. I knew that plenty of people in the U.S. think that all European men like to weary tiny micro swimwear on the beach, but the truth is that bikinis have about the same popularity in Europe as they do back at home. Some men like them, but they aren’t for everyone if you’re a little shy if you find them restrictive. Personally I think that there’s no better feeling than that of spandex against your ass and on your dick, and I love to show off my body instead of hiding it under lots of baggy material like board shorts. However, I approached the gay European men with the knowledge that I had everything to learn from them, and excited about the prospect of learning from people with a different view on the humble bikini bottom.

When I arrived, it seemed as though the gay European men were as excited about meeting me as I was to meet them. Perhaps it was the prospect of being in a published magazine that attracted them, or even the chance to try on new micro swimwear that they hadn’t seen before, but when I arrived at the beach that they asked me to meet them at, all ten of them had prepared a surprise for me.

They were posing together, all dressed in micro swimwear and bikinis that showed off lots of skin, and in some cases a little more. It was amazing to meet likeminded people who have a passion for unique swimwear, and as soon as I saw them I realized that this would be a brilliant photo opportunity and I was glad that I had brought my camera. After we all introduced ourselves, the gay European men were eager to show me their own designs of bikinis and micro swimwear, and I offered them the Koala Swim designs to try on.

Their initial reactions were all very positive – they said that they had never seen anything so creative and they were surprised that such designs had come out of the U.S.! I invited them to try on any of the micro swimwear that interested them and they were eager to change. A couple of the gay European men actually came forward to me and offered to let me take pictures of them changing if I was interested. While my magazine is for anyone who’s interested in micro swimwear and I don’t put anything particularly graphic in the pictures, I felt that I couldn’t miss the chance of a good photo opportunity and I was sure that I could always take out any that weren’t printable. Also, I have to admit that many of the European men were very attractive, and since they were so eager to have me watch, I didn’t want to be rude!

I watched two of them in particular, one of whom was trying on the Ass Invasion Semi Thong. This is actually one of my favorite designs which has only recently been made available for purchase, and it makes use of an all-in-one ass hook and cock ring to hold the thong in place. The guy trying it on even asked if I would help him into it, and I couldn’t refuse. He looked amazing in it, the bright yellow of the material was eye catching and the stylish design showed off his slender and muscled body perfectly.

I took pictures of the gay European men as they changed into the Koala Swim designs, and then a couple of pictures of them all as a group, in new and exciting micro swimwear that I could see that some of them were really turned on by. For a lot of people alternative swimwear is about looking good and making heads turn on the beach, or tanning without getting unsightly tan lines, but the European men liked it for the same reasons as I did. There’s something very arousing about the way that it feels to advertise your body, and some of the Koala Swim designs include subtle sex toys that make you feel amazing. Some of them like the Ass Invasion Semi Thong are completely undetectable to anyone else, but others such as the Explosive Sex Micro show the sex toys that you’re wearing to the rest of the world.

Once everyone (including myself) had changed, we went down to the water and I took my underwater camera out to get some great shots of the gay European men wearing the micro swimwear that they loved. It looked even better in the water, and we quickly drew an appreciative crowd! I also had the chance to look at some of the alternative swimwear that the gay European men had found in their own country, and in some cases manufactured themselves. One of the gay European men had a small company not unlike Koala Swim which made some really fantastic designs, but I was surprised that none of them quite came up to the standard of what I had already seen.

However, although their swimwear didn’t beat what I had found in the U.S., I had to admire the enthusiasm that the European men had for alternative and micro swimwear. They had no problem wearing revealing swimwear at the public beach – in fact they were proud to wear it and even the people who were watching them splash around in the sea were open minded and excited to see the range of swimwear.

During my travels across Europe, I met many gay spandex men who were interested in micro swimwear, and I gathered some amazing material to go in my magazine. However, now that I’ve been to the home of the bikini bottom, I can’t help but wonder what else is out there in the world for swimwear enthusiasts! Micro swimwear has spread further than just America from its origins in Europe, and I would like to know what exciting and creative designs the rest of the world has created

Gay European Men

and the hot swimwear they wear!

Did you know some of the hottest swimwear designs for men started in Europe? Did you know that the most extreme men's swimwear designs are now made in the USA and shipped all over the planet.

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